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David Caon and Henry Wilson debut joint-designed storage system
When David Caon and Henry Wilson first crossed paths at a design event in Sydney about three years ago, the conversation quickly accelerated from general chit-chat to very specific commentary on store-bought vertical shelving hardware. Not an overly surprising topic for two of Australia’s finest design talents whose collective creativity knows no bounds.
Industrial Design
November 30, 2020
Bangalley House by Casey Brown Architecture
Sitting camouflaged in a highly visible location, Bangalley House is an exercise in balancing extreme exposure with protection. The rising headland site drinks in panoramic ocean views and shares sightlines with the golden sands of Avalon Beach in Sydney. “Almost any new building you’ll see on a Sydney headland really stands out, often to the detriment of the surrounding area,” says architect Rob Brown.
November 27, 2020
Could this be the new look for Sydney’s brutalist Sirius building?
Designed by former NSW housing commission architect Tao Gofers in the 1970s, the brutalist Sirius building is back in the spotlight as plans for its redevelopment are submitted for exhibition by developer JDH Capital. The proposed scheme for the adaptive reuse of Sirius has been imagined by BVN, following an architecture competition that closed to submissions in December 2019.
November 25, 2020
Le Jardinier restaurant in New York by Joseph Dirand
The first restaurant in New York City for both chef Alain Verzeroli and interior designer Joseph Dirand, Le Jardinier attracts local New Yorkers alongside gourmet travellers from all corners of the globe, each with a penchant for sophisticated style and thoughtful cuisine. As we look forward to a world that returns to some sort of normality, Karine Monié bumps this designer destination to the top of our must-visit list in 2021 and beyond.
Hospitality Design
November 23, 2020
Destination design: Aman Kyoto by Kerry Hill Architects
Nestled in the verdant foothills of the symbolic mountain of Hidari Daimonji, a one-hour drive from Japan’s Osaka International Airport, Aman Kyoto is a place of immense beauty, where small jizo statues sit contentedly among the luminescent leaves of the yamamomiji maples. The understated resort perfectly tempers privacy, relaxation and rejuvenation with the vibrancy of Japan’s ancient imperial capital, home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Hospitality Design
November 23, 2020
Watch: Architect Jayson Blight joins inDETAIL speaker series
For the third instalment of the all-new architect speaker series inDETAIL presented by Brickworks, host Professor Cameron Bruhn, dean and head of school at The University of Queensland’s School of Architecture, was joined by Jayson Blight of Blight Rayner. Shaped by the themes of form, space, structure and material, the captivating conversation was broadcast online from the Brickworks Brisbane studio, recorded live with an audience comprising local architects and designers.
November 19, 2020
Unreal estate: Daniel Boddam presents furniture designs via virtual reality
Australian architect Daniel Boddam, who established his practice The Daniel Boddam Studio in 2013, has responded to the on-again, off-again closures of Australia’s borders by developing a virtual Parisian apartment – an inventive solution for showcasing his new collection of furniture during a time of travel bans and global isolation. “Travel has been an important part of my life since childhood, and Paris holds a particularly special place in my heart,” says Daniel. “The experience of confinement has been unsettling on so many levels, however instead of lamenting what was, I decided to explore what could be through 3D visualisation”.
November 19, 2020
Armadillo’s latest rug collection imbues small spaces with everyday luxury
Founded in 2009 by Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst, rug company Armadillo has long been admired for its unwavering commitment to ethics alongside aesthetics. The latest offering from the brand is the Nook collection of pint-sized rugs, a sustainability-led range featuring scaled-down mat sizes that cater specifically to smaller interior spaces. Lovingly produced from natural materials in earthy textures and hues, the handcrafted suite of rugs introduces barefoot luxury experiences – and style in spades – to often overlooked areas of the home. From entryways to hallways, kitchens to bathrooms, laundries, mudrooms and more.
November 19, 2020
Reclaimed bricks line the vaulted buildings of China’s Imperial Kiln Museum
Known as the ‘Porcelain Capital’ for its centuries-long association with crafting some of the world’s finest ceramics, Jingdezhen is a prefecture-level city in the north-eastern Jiangxi province of China. While historians suggest that the area may have produced pottery as early as the sixth century, the region didn’t become a dominant kiln site until the 11th century. Later, from the Ming Dynasty onward, the official kilns of Jingdezhen fell under the control of the emperor, who commissioned large quantities of ‘imperial porcelain’ for palace service and lavish gifts.
November 17, 2020
Adam Goodrum stamps all-Australian style on new breezeblock design
Ever the comeback queen, the breezeblock is making yet another debut in 2020 thanks to the nostalgia-led restylings of Adam Goodrum. “Growing up in Western Australia, I was surrounded by houses of the fifties and sixties where breezeblocks were a prominent feature,” Adam told Daily Architecture News. “I see them as a symbol of Australia’s […]
November 13, 2020