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Qinchang Village Town Hall in rural China by Studio 10
Mirroring the approach of the project’s first phase, the Qinchang Village Town Hall has played with the geometry and motif of arches, “which is a typical component in the local, traditional semi-underground dwellings,” the architects say. The buildings adopt “cast-in-place” concrete to achieve the fluid archways which have been extruded to form tunnel-like structures. “Based […]
YSG Studio has designed a kitchen inspired by Fantales for Laminex Australia
To me, colour and nostalgia are both wonderful things and each has its place in architecture and design. To be quite honest, I breathe a joyful sigh of relief every time I see an interior swathed in anything other than fifty shades of grey (of all the visuals that book mustered, surely the colour palette […]
Christo and Jeanne-Claude's vision for the Arc de Triomphe realised after 60 years
The artists went on to fabric-wrap a number of other monuments and buildings in the mid-1960s, and pursued more than a dozen ambitious projects around the world in the years that followed. They wrapped a 92,900-square-metre section of the Australian coastline in 1969 and cloaked Paris’ Pont-Neuf bridge with fabric in 1985. Ten years later, […]
Ilot Queyries apartments in Bordeaux by MVRDV
The Ilot Queyries project is envisaged as a “test-bed” for the principles of the neighbouring Bastide-Niel masterplan, also designed by MVRDV, which aims to combine the virtues of Bordeaux’s UNESCO World Heritage historic city – intimacy, surprise and liveliness – with the density, ecology, light and comfort of the modern city. Ilot Queyries adopts the […]
Marsk Tower by BIG offers spectacular views of Denmark’s west coast
Surrounded by the flourishing marshlands of Denmark, the lookout has been given the name Marsktårn or Marsk Tower (translating to Marsh Tower). The spiralling steel monolith provides visitors with wildlife encounters and elevated 360-degree views, expanding visibility from nearly 4 kilometres in each direction at ground level to more than 18 kilometres from the top […]
Stoney Rise Wine's cellar door in Tasmania by Cumulus Studio
Given the awe-inspiring landscape, and the nature of the client’s business, the materiality of the project was deeply considered. The team at Cumulus Studio wanted to ensure that the selected material palette was durable and hard-wearing, and that its patina would develop beautifully over time, adding more texture and character to the project. The Stoney […]
Concrete bird-watching pavilions in Stockholm by Andrén Fogelström
In recent times, the fabricated character of the landscape and its clear geometry was a source of inspiration for Andrén Fogelström, the local architects responsible for designing a suite of lookout points, bird towers, signs and play equipment for the refurbished parkland.  Concrete bird-watching pavilions in Stockholm by Andrén Fogelström The work marks a new […]
Hainan Science and Technology Museum by MAD Architects
MAD’s design for the museum draws from the site’s dual urban and natural context; one where a “primeval rainforest and technology of the future meet,” explains the architects. Set against the backdrop of verdant tropical rainforest, the museum’s main pavilion is shown to be shaped like a cloud in dialogue with nature. MAD Architects: Hainan […]
Venus Power collection of rugs by Patricia Urquiola for cc-tapis
Expressed through the metaphor “We all come from Venus”, the message conveyed by Venus Power is equal parts strong, powerful and joyous. “If everyone – men and women – considered and embraced every aspect of themselves, we could add more dimension and colour to the way we approach everyday life,” says Fabrizio Cantoni, CEO of […]
Italy now: Murano glass sparkles in the spotlight
Already linked by their shared passion for revitalising contemporary glass, the two institutions have now come together during the Venice Biennale of Architecture to showcase modern glass art and design by way of a glittering exhibition. Titled ‘Glass to Glass’, the presentation is the ultimate celebration of the skilled artists and designers working with Murano […]
Design debut: Volta furniture collection by Dowel Jones and RIES
Marcos Altgelt and Tasio Picollo from RIES and Dowel Jones’ Dale Hardiman and Adam Lynch were in New York for the city’s 2018 Design Week. The four kept in touch afterwards – as is promised when new acquaintances are made abroad. But following some steady to-and-fro, they decided it would be an interesting proposition to […]
The OVO collection of chairs by Foster + Partners for Benchmark
Designed by fellow Brits, Foster + Partners architects, the three new additions to OVO take the shape of an armchair, a stackable armless version and a lounge seat. “The collection is a celebration of craftsmanship and materiality, a tactile range of furniture that is characterised by the simplicity of form,” says Mike Holland, head of […]
The 6:19 Studio tattoo parlour in Kyiv by Balbek Bureau
The brief to the Ukrainian architecture and design office called for the “perfect space” for Ulyana’s creative endeavours; a tattoo parlour that resembles a contemporary art workshop. “The concept of the studio is also that all our artists, despite the diversity of their styles and colours, are united by an exploration of minimalism,” Ulyana says […]
Interior Design
Home tour: Kelly Wearstler reinvented a Malibu surf shack for the summer
But rather than simply packing her summer wardrobe and moving in for the season, Kelly set out to create a charming live-work environment for herself and her beach-loving family. She picked up on cues from the home’s original detailing, including the prevalence of Japanese shoji screens and timber wall panelling. But the white shaggy carpet […]
Interior Design
Berlin beauty: Honeyz boutique in Germany by Puntofilipino
Measuring in at just 75 square meters, the Honeyz retail store references the sophisticated history of a city that, for hundreds of years, has been celebrated as an epicentre of arts and cultural events. “Though visually rich in contrast, colour, texture and shape, the interior draws from a limited palette of materials, which resonates with […]
Interior Design
Axel Arigato's flagship fashion boutique in Paris by Halleroed
Designed by Scandinavian architecture studio Halleroed, the outlet is driven by the desire to forge real connections with customers, inviting them into a unique experience of the world of Axel Arigato. The store’s aesthetic is glaringly modern, combining art gallery techniques with classical architecture references, as well as different materials and colours. The clean and […]
Interior Design