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Hot wheels: Aman resorts offers luxury road trips

Hot wheels: Aman resorts offers luxury road trips

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With Aman’s luxury resorts and hotels taking up residence in a number of the world’s most beautiful destinations, there’s little surprise that the roadways that connect the sites to their surrounds flaunt equally spectacular driving terrain. Breathtaking roads that might lead visitors through the mountains and canyons of North America’s west, atop the wind-carved dunes of the Sahara or alongside Japan’s alluring and ancient forests.

Making the most of these cinema-worthy scenes, the all-new driving journeys curated by the hotel group deliver Aman’s legendary service to the asphalt, offering travellers the opportunity to discover a region from behind the wheel of a sleek sportscar, SUV or charmed-up classic vehicle. Each of the three- to five-day trips are fully supported by the Aman team and rely on the brand’s world-class properties as ‘home’ bases.  

Aman luxury driving journeys

To ensure a seamless and stress-free road trip, personalised smart phones are pre-loaded with travel guides created by those in the know, recommending off-the-beaten-track destinations and unbeatable photo opportunities. Lunch stops range from pre-packed picnics and casual meals in roadside eateries to exquisite fine dining when the opportunity arises, all organised by Aman. In-vehicle GPS ensures no-fuss navigation and connects drivers with the fleet of Aman support vehicles.

Best planned for spring and autumn in each region, Aman driving journeys can be booked from a number of Aman properties around the globe. These include Amangani and Amangiri in the USA, Amanjena in Morocco, Aman Kyoto and Amanemu in Japan, Amanzoe in Greece, Aman Venice and Rosa Alpina in Italy and Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro.

But no matter where in the world you choose to hit the open road once global travel resumes, rest assured that every Aman driving journey is tailored to the finest detail, ensuring the ultimate adventure on four wheels.


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